Hi fellow Fuquayans (fuquaites?), at ARC we place great value on our community and everyone in it, so we wanted to find a way to help our neighbors in all this mess. We have partnered with Vicious Fishes here in Fuquay to offer 20 people who have lost their jobs a $50 gift card for dinner and maybe even one of their delicious beers 😉.
Please Email Rich@Arcelectric.com if you have lost a job, have been furloughed, or know someone who has and we will email the gift card to you to enjoy Vicious Fishes delicious new menu.
We will get through this as a community and be stronger on the other side. 💪
*4/15 update, we’ve only had 5 Fuquayans email. There is no strings attached here. Even if you just know someone who’s lost their jobs, send us their emails and we’ll do the rest!