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Emergency and Planned Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumbers In Apex, NC

When have a plumbing emergency, Apex, NC, offers many options for your plumbing repair, service, and installation needs.

From water heaters flooding an entire space to your garbage disposal making noise or needing installation, We are ready to offer free estimates and put our industry experience to work for you!

Locally owned ARC Plumbing is here to help with quality service. Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers are available 24/7 to provide fast and reliable emergency residential or commercial plumbing services from  clogged drains, broken pipes to electric water heaters.

Whether a homeowner or a business owner, We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, so we are here to provide you with the help you need when you need emergency services.

Planned Plumbing Services

We also provide planned plumbing services at ARC Plumbing. Our team of experienced and certified plumbers can help with any planned plumbing repair project, from garbage disposals to water heaters, from installation and repair to maintenance and inspection.

We are committed to providing quality services tailored to your needs so you can ensure your project will be appropriately handled and completed to the highest standards.

Professional Plumbers in Apex, NC

At ARC Plumbing, we understand that plumbing services can be expensive. That’s why we offer competitive rates to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

We conduct a thorough diagnosis before starting work and getting straight to the root of the problem so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal and plumbing solutions possible.

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Clay was amazing! Great guy, great sense of humor, got the job done quickly. Great company too, had a bit of an emergency and they were out here in less than and hour to fix it.


Emergency and Planned Plumbing Services from ARC Plumbing

Plumbing issues can be challenging to deal with, especially when they occur without notice. It’s essential to have a reliable and experienced plumbing company to help you with any plumbing service emergencies.

ARC Plumbing is one such company that provides planned and emergency plumbing solutions to our clients in central North Carolina.

Let’s explore the different plumbing services ARC Plumbing offers and how they can benefit you.

Water Heater Services

ARC Plumbing offers an array of water heater services, including installation, replacement, water heater repair, and maintenance from tank to tankless water heaters and many others.

The professionals at ARC Plumbing understand that having a functioning water heater is essential to your comfort and daily routine, which is why they provide prompt and efficient service to ensure that your water heater is always performing at its best.

Drain Cleaning Services

Blocked drains can be a severe issue that can lead to more significant problems if left untreated.

ARC Plumbing offers a drain cleaning service to remove blockages from your drains and prevent future clogs and subsequent plumbing repair needs.

Whether it’s a clogged sink, a broken toilet, or a blocked main sewer line, the experienced professionals at ARC Plumbing have the expertise and equipment necessary to service your drains quickly and efficiently.

Gas Line Services

Gas line issues can be dangerous and require the attention of a professional plumber. ARC Plumbing provides gas line repairs, installation, and maintenance services to help ensure the safety of your home or property. Their skilled plumbers can diagnose and repair gas leaks and install new gas lines to meet your needs.

Contact ARC Plumbing For Any Of Your Plumbing Needs

ARC Plumbing offers a wide variety of planned and emergency plumbing services to help keep your plumbing system functioning at its best while your plumber provides great customer service. With their 24/7 emergency plumbing services you can rest assured that you have a reliable plumber to help you with any urgent plumbing issues that may arise, who will do an awesome job every time! ARC Plumbing’s planned plumbing services can help you avoid unexpected plumbing problems, while their expert knowledge and skill can help you maintain a safe and healthy home.

Contact ARC Plumbing today to take advantage of their exceptional plumbing services and discover why they are the only plumbers you’ll ever need!

Apex Home Owner Plumbing FAQ's

Why should I choose a licensed plumber?

Opting for a licensed plumber is advisable since they comply with state-imposed standards which confirm their adequate training and proficiency to carry out plumbing jobs with safety and effectiveness.

By doing so, you’re guaranteed service that is both reliable and of superior quality.

What are some of the services offered by Arc Plumbing?

Arc Plumbing can perform a wide range of services to meet all of your plumbing needs in Apex NC. Whether it's routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or new installations, our team of licensed professionals is equipped to handle any task. Our services include leak detection, pipe insulation, water heater repairs and installation, and comprehensive bathroom and kitchen remodeling to transform your home's functionality and aesthetics.

How often should I get my sewer line inspected?

It's advisable to schedule a plumbing inspection by a professional every three to five years as a general guideline. Nonetheless, should you encounter any sewer line complications or have reasons to believe there might be underlying issues, seeking an immediate inspection is wise.

How can I prevent clogs and blockages in my sewer line?

To ensure your sewer lines remain unobstructed and clear, it's important to avoid disposing of fats, oils, and grease down your drain. When cooking foods that contain grease, it's recommended to use a cloth or paper towel to remove the majority of the grease from your dishes before washing them.

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